Trail System

PICNIC POINT TRAIL:  Stretch your legs and fill your lungs with the invigorating air of Lake Superior with this walk (450 metres from Trail Head #4) to Picnic Point.  Along the way, several viewpoints allow you to stop and watch the crashing surf of the world's largest lake.  Halfway to Picnic Point, a short, steep hill will challenge you.
UPPER PICNIC POINT TRAIL:  This trail, starting from Trail Head #3, is longer (1200 metres) and more difficult than the lower trail.
LAKEWALK TRAIL:  From Picnic Point, this long winding trail hugs the shore of Sturgeon Channel.  Many small gravel beaches provide a place to rest or have lunch.  Except for the steep climb at Picnic Point, this trail is easy walking.  At Trail Junction #13, you may choose to walk out to Mink Mountain Drive or take the Valleywalk Trail back to Trail Head #3.  The Round trip from Trail Head #3, via Upper Picnic Point, Lakewalk and Valleywalk is 5.2 km.
VALLEYWALK TRAIL:  From the Lakewalk, a climb of medium difficulty, brings you to a sheltered valley.  The Valleywalk follows the valley bottom back to Island Ave.  This is a main travel corridor for animals, so watch and listen for moose.
MINK MOUNTAIN TRAIL:  Starting from Trail Head #3, you will climb 600 feet above Lake Superior where you can see the full length of Michigan's Isle Royale, along with the many islands of our north shore archipelago.  As the trail winds around the cliff edge to the Northwest, spectacular vistas of Sturgeon Bay and rugged Pie Island will unfold.  The initial climb to the top is well worth it.  From the first lookout, you may return by the same route or loop around to Junction #8, #9 or #11 and return via the Valleywalk.  The full loop (returning on Valleywalk) is 3.9 km.
BUCK'S TRAIL: This trail, starting at the Main Lodge, runs to Trail Junction #5, and is a simple trail with easy to handle elevation changes.  A good beginners trail.
ISLAND AVENUE TRAIL: This trail also starts at the Main Lodge and runs to Trail Junction #2, Island Avenue.  A simple trail with slight elevation changes.  This is also a good trail for beginners.
SKI TRAILS:  On the west side of Mink Mountain Drive are our ski trails.  All of these are suitable for walking as well.  They are wider and not so rugged as the hiking trails.  For an easy walk with a nice view of the lake, follow the Mountain Rounder to the first lookout.  This is an easy out and back walk of 2 km.  If you continue along this trail it will bring you back to Mink Mountain Drive.  Total length of 8 km.  There is also a newer trail that runs from the Main Lodge to Sturgeon Bay through the Gravel Pit.  It has a length of 5 km.


NOTES AND CAUTIONS:  Good footwear is a must on all trails.  Quality running shoes or hiking boots are suitable.  Most trails require average fitness levels.  None are very long, but there are some steep climbs on all trails.  You can spend  1-3 hours on most hikes.  Along Mink Mountain Trail there are many spectacular vistas, but be careful near the edge and please, don't throw any objects over the cliffs.  Remember to leave only footprints, don't leave litter, and take only photos and memories.

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